Practice Days

Book a practice day. Select an available day, and then one of the time slots for a full days practice. If you are a member then login to your account and click on the link available to you.

Only 4 racers allowed per day. It is essential we know who is attending the track, so please book each individual person separately and complete all fields for submission. Payment is via paypal. Be aware that parking in the main car park in the week is chargeable.

Since the limit is 4 people, you will only need to wear a facemask on the rostrum. The rostrum doors will remain locked but you will be able to stand on the extension. You cannot rely on power to be available in the week either. I recommend pitting within the track perimeter.

You are welcome to use the hose to lay a track, but please make sure that you return all the hose back to its original resting place.