Rules Of Engagement


EPR currently caters for two-wheel and four-wheel-drive 1:10 electric off-road buggies. Our winter series has also seen us cater for short course trucks and stadium trucks in a combined class when numbers are sufficient. Unfortunately, due to noise restrictions imposed we are unable to run nitro-powered cars.

Checkout this youtube video for some racing action


How to become a member?

Membership of EPR runs annually from 1 January to 31 December, although we do reduce the fees for those joining part-way through the year.

After three meetings, we ask racers to join the BRCA for a number of reasons, primarily insurance whilst racing. EPR and BRCA membership forms can be downloaded below.

Download current EPR Membership Form. Click here.

To join the BRCA Click here and look for the ‘Join’ button

*Members and non-members need to request permission from either Steve or Matt before using the track in order for EPR to maintain our relationship with Club Langley.

Note: Non-BRCA members are ineligible to take part in the regional race series’ as these are sanctioned and insured by the BRCA. In order to promote regional racing, the BRCA offer temporary cover for three meetings.



We have senior and junior memberships available. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

Free unlimited practice (subject to EPR committee approval*)
Reduced race fees of £7

Free unlimited practice (subject to EPR committee approval*)
Juniors do not pay ANY race fees
*To qualify for junior membership you must be 16 or under on 31 December in the same year of application

Club race fees of £10
Practice fees of £10 per day (subject to EPR committee approval*)

Club Langley is the sports club where the track is located and they offer a host of sports and social activities from football to gymnastics with function rooms available for hire. Please make the most of the facilities at this great club! For more details about Club Langley, click here to be taken to their website and a full run down of what’s on offer.



After spending a few year’s running Eden Park Overlander’s old AMB20 system, some serious hard work raising funds has allowed us to upgrade to AMBrc (a digital system that supports the use of personal transponders) along with BBK Timing software. If you have a PT, please can you e-mail us with your details so we can add them to the database on the club’s race control laptop.



We aren’t ones for being stuffy! After all this is a hobby and is supposed to be fun. The main things are to listen out for PA announcements, check your race order, frequencies, (unless you’re on 2.4GHz) listen out for your race, be on the line in good time and don’t forget to marshal. Even if you miss your race due to failure or are still repairing your car, you must marshal. No disappearing when its your turn or leaving early until all marshalling duties are finished. It is very important to respect the marshals even if they are slow to pick your car up after you have crashed. They may have to be aware of other cars or tread carefully when the track is damp. Remember, it’s your fault if you crash, no shouting at marshals and keep the language clean – have fun!


Track layout

We are able to run a host of different and layouts and run in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. The track surface is made up of Astroturf, tarmac and concrete with lap times around 23 or 24 seconds on the longest layout.

Below you can see a line drawing of the overall layout so you can see the options we have. If you have any suggestions for layouts at the meetings just let us know and we’ll try and accommodate. Also, if you are a newcomer or junior, do let us know if you are finding the tracks too difficult to learn or you’re not having fun. Again we’ll try and accommodate your views.