About Us

There has been an electric one-tenth scale off-road competition model car club based at Eden Park for very many years!

So what do we race?

We cater for both two and four-wheel drive buggies, 2WD stadium trucks and both two and four wheel drive short course trucks. So pretty much anything electric and off-road! The track was always purpose built for tenth scale so nothing larger we’re afraid and nothing nitro…..it damages the Astroturf.

Speaking of Astroturf we haven’t told you about the track itself! The track is primarily Astroturf with its famous banked tarmac Raceway corner, the equally infamous in-field concrete section and when being re-built we added a cobble section. Both straights have been regraded and re-laid in recent years, a new second bomb-hole has been dug but the biggest changes have been the removal of the concrete track markers! By removing many of the original track markers we have been able to MASSIVELY increase the amount of differing layouts that we can create and the track can be run in both directions to double the amount of possibilities! We have jumps, table-tops, bomb-holes, moguls and differing surfaces, we do have bumps and differing levels of grip and camber, there is good reason for all of this…..it is off-road!

Open to all

Everybody’s welcome, young or old, experienced or not, advice is freely available and we have a wealth of experience to fall back on with our club members being experienced at club, Regional, National and International levels of competition.

Hope to see you at the track soon, whatever your experience if you’re interested either give us a call, check out our Facebook Page or pop along one Saturday when we’ve got more time to talk!

It’s not only on Sunday

There are even a few dedicated club members that regularly meet at the club most Saturdays, weather permitting, to keep up with the maintenance, track prep, test new layouts and then get in a few laps of practice…..believe us when we say many of this group need all the practice they can get!

EPR’s Race Meetings

Since those early days back in the electric one-tenth scale off-road scene we have continued to run successful meetings at very many levels. We have a series of club meetings throughout the summer months, a very successful and long established Winter Warmer series through, not surprisingly, the winter months. We are an active member in the BRCA South East Regional Championships and have, over the years since we have been back, been lucky enough to host a round of the BRCA National Off-road Championships every year, bar one. We have also hosted one-off events such as the TLR Super Cup and have also had meetings dedicated to the National Short Course Championships.

We will continue to pursue our interest in all levels of electric one-tenth scale competition and will be investigating alternative classes and championships should there be opportunities to host any such events.

The history channel

Originally known as Eden Park Overlanders, established in the early 1980’s, and soon becoming one of the most prominent clubs in both the South East and the country, holding very many successful club, Regional, National and International meetings, several years of enforced absence and not being able to find any other alternative sites would see the club being re-formed and re-established back at its original venue in January 2007 and renamed, Eden Park Raceway.

With only a few venues in the South East Region at the time – albeit very good ones – we thought another track could only help the diversity of racing in the region and hopefully open up the catchment area of the drivers competing in the South East.

When we first arrived back at the track in January 2007 to assess what could be done, we were more than a little overwhelmed and dismayed by how overgrown the site had become. But this was soon forgotten when we found that the track below the trees, brambles and debris of several years of neglect was, amazingly, still in relatively good condition but would take some finding! This led to the belief that we could actually make this happen! With tentative agreement from the new landlords we began some exploratory work and having seconded the help of a group of keen and enthusiastic volunteers, and with very many mugs of hot steaming tea and biccy’s, the really enjoyable but extremely hard work began! Check out the photo’s in the gallery!

After many weekends of hard slog the track was finally race-able, with a renovated rostrum and new race control. For sure it wasn’t fully up to the glory days of the British Grand Prix back in ‘98 but it was getting there…..and quickly, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers! At the time, there was still lots of work to do, like the construction of a new scrutineering hut; major repairs to track markings and the thankless task of removing six years of leaf mold! There were plenty of other plans and ideas, both immediate and for the years to follow but the club was back and was open for racing once again under the new name of…… Eden Park Raceway.

We couldn’t have made this happen without some very important people, too many to mention individually but they know who they are and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Off-road rocks! Thanks for reading!

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