Vintage Class Racing

Here are some rules for racing in the Vintage class

  • Both 4wd and 2wd are allowed. Whilst classes may be run in a mixed heat, points are accrued by class.
  • ┬áModern slipper clutches are allowed and some of the re-releases have transmission upgrades which are also allowed.
  • No other modern parts allowed, such as big bore shocks.
  • Wheels and tyres are open, however they must not make the car wider than the standard BRCA 250mm rule.
  • If running brushless motor then it’s a 10.5 turn limit. Other than that electrics are also open.
  • The Mardave Cobra ‘Evo’ has been added to the eligible cars list, but has some additional regulations
    • no big bore shocks (which come with the Cobra Evo)
    • 10.5 motor limit still applies