Raceday Prep (inc COVID)

So what do you need to worry about for Race-day? Well lets start by covering what you should do before you turn up for the event. There are also COVID based requirements too. The BRCA guidelines are here https://www.brca.org/covid-19


There are a number of things you should have organised before race-day.

  • Due to COVID, in order for you to be allowed to race you must have purchased the following items. Without these you will not be allowed to race.
    • Face mask
    • Gloves for marshaling
    • High-Viz vest for marshaling
    • Hand sanitiser
  • A facemask will need to be worn at all times throughout the race venue (Pits and track). This includes spectators.
  • Make sure you have a transponder, so the computer can record your race-times. You can get one of these – Mylaps Hybrid (official) or MRT mPTX (cloned).
  • You should have a pit table and chair.
  • You will likely need to recharge batteries, so a generator, or car battery will be needed, but you can check with others attending, since people are usually willing to share but you must consider COVID restrictions and wipe down items when sharing. It may be possible to tap onto the mains supply, but you cannot rely on this.
  • Based on weather you should also think about cover like a gazebo, and again check with others attending, since you may be able to share and with COVID restrictions only two family groups should share a single 3m x 3m Gazebo.
  • Booking in for a race-day will now be online, so go to the Book In section and find the event you want to race in. Booking in will close at 1700 the day before raceday.
  • Classes available are
    • 2WD buggies
    • 4WD buggies
    • 2WD Vintage
    • 4WD Vintage
    • Mixed Trucks (Stadium/Short Course)
  • Check the Car Setup page for recommendations on car prep
  • Make sure you have some spares for you car, breakages can happen. Usually its wishbones, but talk to other racers that race your make/model and they will advise you on the more common spares you should have
  • Tires are really important and based on weather you will need to change between different types. Check the Car Setup page for recommended tires. A number of members are experimenting with other makes of tires, but the ones recommended on the Car Setup page will be very good all-rounders and will suit most conditions.


So race-day has arrived what should you worry about.

  • If you are unwell on the day then please let us know so we can remove you from the schedule. Do not attend site as you will be asked to leave anyway.
  • With the exception of eating/drinking a facemask will need to be worn at all times (and must cover the nose) throughout the race venue (Pits and track). This includes spectators.
  • Currently race-days will consist of 3 x 5 minute qualifying sessions with the best two results to count, and then 3 x 5 minute finals again with the best two results to count.
  • We will not accept bookings on the day. Booking in is online and will close by 1700 the day before raceday. We will register your attendance by checking the system has detected your car during one of the initial practice sessions. This will be essential in order to make sure your car is counted during qualifying and finals.
  • The main Club Langley building is closed, so there are no access to toilets, however there are two portaloos on the sports ground.
  • Club Langley may have closed the Car Park adjacent to the track. You will need to carry equipment from the Car Park. Please allow some extra time for this. If the nearest car park is full, you can offload your equipment, but then park your car at the far end car park. See parking section in this link https://www.edenparkraceway.com/where-are-we
  • Currently no overnight camping will be allowed.
  • TrackĀ  grounds are usually open from about 0800, giving you plenty of time to setup and get comfortable before practice sessions open. During COVID this will be a set time. Listen to announcements for when your practice round will start.
  • Once you have finished racing pickup your cars and place them on the bench and go straight out to marshal.
  • For marshaling – gloves and high-viz vest will be required.
  • Due to COVID regulations, there are some requirements on how you flow from racing to marshaling. Image below shows how you should queue and enter/exit the rostrum, and then marshal.